Digital Trends

A summary of Digital Trends, I’m focused on and have been implementing as part of my Digital Optimisation Strategies for 2019 across my various clients, so far!

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Instagram Stories has exploded in the last couple years, with over 400 million people watching stories every single day. I've personally found Instagram Story Ads extremely effective for my clients including a recent case study for Major League Baseball. I split my Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising into 50% spend on each channel. Interestingly, I saw 90% of all traffic from the Instagram media spend being driven from Instagram Story Ads! People engaged, clicked and shopped from this campaign because it was highly visual with videos and .gifs, used relevant influencers and included extremely effective copy that made you want to click. It is expected that the Story feature for Instagram will only grow even more in 2019, with the use of stickers in organic and paid social posts. The new “Countdown” sticker for Instagram Stories is already proving to be a popular way for brands to pique the interest of their followers, and notify them of events or when new products are dropping, sale 'ends soon' and 'last chance to buy' messaging which is proving highly effective for conversion. (Source: later blog) (Image source: Hugo Boss) 

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One of the key services, I offer is 'Consumer Profiling'. To do so, I always survey the customer, internal staff and key stakeholders, to determine the key audience data I need and to ensure I’m accessing the intel in-house who live and breathe the brand and of the real time consumers who actually buy it (the aspirational vs the actual). The key things which are so important to discover to develop consumer profiles apart from the basic demographic information is to include; online shopping consumption, interests and hobbies, online shopping and social media behaviours. From this research, my clients and I develop 3-4 consumer profiles which are brought to life visually and also include with key product or service information as to each consumer profile. I strongly recommend any brand has these consumer profiles and continually surveys their consumer to ensure their digital marketing is always relevant!

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DIGITAL Tips: four reasons ecommerce sites can fail

I'm always telling my clients about how to succeed. So today, I wanted to teach you, what not to do, to ensure you succeed in your eCommerce B2B or B2C venture!

1. Don't.....just throw together a site! Smart eCommerce owners consider Shopify, Shopify Plus or Magento for your eCommerce solution!
2. Don't use overwhelming or overly vague details as copy or functionality on your site. Instead, use clear, compelling content which adds value. For example; Use Video How To’s and FAQs or illustrations and compelling copy….e.g How to measure your head for headwear as seen here with Lack Of Colour’s successful eCommerce site.
3. Businesses who fail to define your true target audience. I offer consumer profiling services to sort this common mistake out for you, however make sure your data is qualitative and includes demographics which can be targeted via digital channels.
4. Glossing over content marketing and barely using it on your website. Savvy eCommerce owners realise that video and editorial content explaining your product benefits, how to use or simply solving a common question people Google in relation to your product are the key ingredients to ensure conversion, client calls or services booked!